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A Godly Commitment to the Gospel

March 26, 2017 / Duration: 48:49

1 Timothy 6:11-21 As the Apostle Paul concludes his first letter to Timothy, he reminds him of the major themes of the letter – godliness, gospel-clarity, concern for salvation – and how they must be carried out in endurance, perseverance, and commitment. From these verse, we discover four defining characteristics of a godly commitment to the gospel.
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Content With The Gospel

March 20, 2017 / Duration: 53:08

1 Timothy 6:1-10 A Christian’s posture towards their circumstances and others must be defined by godly contentment, rooted in the sufficiency of the gospel and the glory of God above all things.
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A Gospel-Centered Community

March 12, 2017 / Duration: 45:43

1 Timothy 5 Paul instructs the church to take on a godly posture toward one another, those in need, and their leadership.
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Being Shaped by the Gospel

March 5, 2017 / Duration: 28:53

1 Timothy 4:11-16 | Guest Preacher: Joe Harris Paul’s charge to Timothy was to teach, model, and guard the gospel in the church. The gospel must shape the lives of Christians who desire to glorify God and point others to Christ.
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The Promise of Godliness

February 26, 2017 / Duration: 46:49

1 Timothy 4:1-10 Godliness is the identifying mark of a Christian’s devotion to God. The greatness of God and the treasure of Christ makes a difficult but godly life a thing worth striving for.
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The Church: A Pillar of the Truth

February 19, 2017 / Duration: 48:36

In one of the most important passages concerning the nature of the church, we discover the Christian’s identity, the church’s function, and the gospel’s message.
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Deacons: Lead Servants

February 12, 2017 / Duration: 46:06

1 Timothy 3:8-13 Godly leadership is essential to a healthy church. We need deacons that lead the church in service and humility, displaying the demonstrative power of the gospel and the self-sacrificial life of Jesus.
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Elders: Servant Leaders

February 5, 2017 / Duration: 1:00:13

1 Timothy 3:1-7 | The importance and nobility of the work of an elder demands proper qualification from those who would fill its office. What are those qualifications, and what is the primary role of an elder in the church?
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Hindrances to the Proclamation of the Gospel and the Display of God’s Glory

January 29, 2017 / Duration: 1:03:07

1 Timothy 2:8-15 A church can remove the focus off of the gospel by serving themselves, like praying inappropriately, dressing immodestly, or distorting God’s design for leadership. These things can become hinderances to the gospel and can cloud the display of God’s redemptive work in our lives. If the church joyfully lived out the the creation order in God’s household,
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The Place of Prayer in the Proclamation of the Gospel

January 22, 2017 / Duration: 57:22

1 Timothy 2:1-7 Paul knew that the most significant thing Timothy could address in Ephesus was prayer. Paul connects the prayer of the church to the scope of salvation offered freely in the gospel. It is in our prayers for the salvation of all people where we most tangibly express the gospel to the world.
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The Gospel Produces Faithful Endurance

January 15, 2017 / Duration: 42:33

1 Timothy 1:12-20 Strength to endure faithfully in the calling to model the perfect patience of God in our lives is anchored in the gospel of our salvation. We can not turn to the law or works, but only to the grace and mercy of Christ, who came into the world to save sinners.
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The Gospel Produces Love

January 1, 2017 / Duration: 56:46

1 Timothy 1:1-11 Paul urges Timothy to confront the false teachers that have begun to lead the Church in Ephesus away from the true gospel. He instructs Timothy to protect, prioritize, and promote the gospel. When the gospel is championed in the church and the life of its members, the glory and love of Christ is put on full array to a