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Fellow Heirs – 1 Peter 3:1-7

October 10, 2021 / Duration:

Husband and wives, men and women, are heirs together of the grace of life.
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September 14, 2020 / Duration: 40:12

This new series on the heart of Christ was inspired by Dane C. Ortlund’s phenomenal new book, Gentle and Lowly. Though not explicitly mentioned in the sermon, portions of this book are either adapted or quoted in various places. Those places can be seen in the provided .pdf of the sermon notes below.   Sermon Notes: Matthew 9_35-36 Compassionate
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A Practical Guide to Receiving Christ and Resisting Sin

November 17, 2019 / Duration: 43:21

Matthew 12:43-45
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God is Love

August 30, 2019 / Duration: 51:21

1 John  3:11-4:12 The work of Christ in his coming, his life, and his death on the cross transforms us to love others like God.
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Real Confidence In God’s Love

September 30, 2018 / Duration: 37:15

Romans 8:31-39
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Deuteronomy | An Overview

August 13, 2017 / Duration: 46:52

The book of Deuteronomy serves as a reminder to God’s people of his steadfast love and devotion, and a call for that devotion to be met with praise, worship, and faithful obedience.
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The Immeasurable Love of the Infinite God

May 28, 2017 / Duration: 46:34

John 3:16 John 3:16 is arguably the most familiar passage of the entire Bible. But what is quoted by many is often understood by few. The true depth and wonder of this verse is too often overlooked or too lightly esteemed by our modern culture, but a closer examination reveals an intimate glimpse of the sheer magnitude of God’s love.
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The Love of God and the Prayers of His People

January 23, 2016 / Duration:

Part 3 of a 5 part series entitled Resolved, which explores the worthy purposes of the Christian life and foster a commitment and faithfulness to the pursuit of the Glory of God.