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The Christian’s Judgment

April 7, 2019 / Duration: 56:15

Matthew 7:1-11
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A Sober Warning For Rebellious Christians

December 12, 2017 / Duration: 54:53

Hebrews 6:4-8
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Revealing the Glory of God in Salvation Through Judgment

July 9, 2017 / Duration: 44:04

Exodus 3-15 As we explore the calling of Moses, the ten plagues, and the exodus event, we are shown God’s special care for his people, his power to accomplish his will, and the means by which he will bring it about.
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To Judge or Not To Judge

May 7, 2017 / Duration: 47:04

Matthew 7:1 Should Christians engage in judging others? If so, how should we go about?
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Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment – James 2:1-13

October 26, 2015 / Duration:

Part 5 of a 13 part series on the letter of James. A church that dishonors the marginalized and outcast is a church who has not understood the gospel. [Download]