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Resisting the Kingdom of God

November 8, 2019 / Duration: 45:09

Matthew 12:22-32
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When Did The Church Begin?

October 7, 2018 / Duration: 53:52

Acts 1:1 – 2:41
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Rivers of Living Water

September 18, 2016 / Duration: 27:36

John 7:37-39 (Preacher Jonathan Honorio) At the end of the Great Feast, Jesus makes a bold claim – “come to me and drink.” The promise of God’s all-satisfying provision is fulfilled in his son, Jesus Christ. But what does it mean to be thirsty and to come to Christ to drink? What is the Living Water which flows from the
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The Word of God is the Well Spring of Life – John 4:1-42

April 28, 2016 / Duration:

In a story that echoes of Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus, this notable exchange with the Samaritan woman at the well teaches us many things about the nature of truth, how we can arrive there, and the fruit of accepting it.