Starting on February 10th we are going to spend 30 days focused on our responsibility to individually participate in God’s mission to reach people with the good news of Jesus. Everyone can do three simple things that will have a huge impact:

1. Identify your ONE. 

Ask God to stir your heart for someone in your life that you would rejoice in seeing come to genuine faith in Christ.

2. Pray for your ONE.

Commit to daily and regular prayer for God to work in their life and bring them into a relationship with Him through Christ.


3. Engage your ONE. 

Make a plan to spiritually engage the person in conversation. Share your story of faith with the person, invite them to church or small group, invite them to dinner and talk to them about Christ.

30-Day Prayer Guide


Download the 30-day prayer guide. Beginning February 10th we will journey through the prayer guide as a church praying for the ONE that we have identified. Even if you start after February 10th, commit to 30 days of beginning to pray for God to use you in this person’s life.

YOU Version Bible app has a digital 30-day prayer guide here that matches the pdf. 

Family Devotional


Use this family devotional for the next 4 weeks to encourage your entire family in developing a heart for reaching people. There is one lesson for each week with recommended readings, conversations, and activities you can do with any age.